Sunday, August 6, 2023

 FTU AI Tubes, Elements, Papers 

I will be making some Free to Use graphics in

Microsoft Bing AI Image Generator.

All graphics will be for personal use, non-commercial purposes, 

and Microsoft has rights over them.

You may snag them and use them ONLY in your personal tags.

You may also go to my Aimoo group: feelingstoinkspspcafe (

where I will have graphics too.

You may not put them in any PTU Kits you make.

I will credit Bing as the source of the graphic and will place their link to the AI Image Generator here and on my Blog, in case you would like to use:

So, get Creative at:,com/ai-image-creator

More to come!

Thank you,

JoAnn aka JDS

Please do not snag to put on any other groups Snag areas, if people like my ai art as them to come here please

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